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Tat’s What SHE Said

I am drifting along in a haze of tatted snowflake-like shapes. I only wish I had nicer thread, but as I’m still prone to losing track of what I’m doing half way through, it’s probably a good thing. You can pick out a few stitches with no problems, but this isn’t knitting folks… tatting plays for keeps.


It's a mini-flurry!


Have I ever mentioned what got me interested in tatting to begin with? I might have, but just in case you missed it, it was this pentacle-like star from Jon’s treasure trove website. Go on, please, take a moment and click on the link. You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous her work is. Yes, that single project threw me headlong down the tatting rabbit hole. I’m still a bit behind on the modern tatting skill set (split rings, double shuttles anyone?), but my ultimate goal is to make that star. Some day.


I'm not kidding. It's so simple.


Lest you think that this is one of those endeavors that sucks up time and money, I’ll share with you three facts:

  1. You can get into tatting for less than $10 with a $2 ball of crochet cotton and a $5 package of two Clover shuttles. The internet will show the rest.
  2. The ornaments I make take an hour or less on average for me to make. When I get good, I bet I can shave quite a bit off that.
  3. The whole kit can fit in an Altoids tin and slip into your pocket.

Eventually I’ll work with finer materials and tools, but it’s not necessary to start. You should try it someday. In the end, it boils down to a two-step knot and deliberate spaces that get scrunched up into picots. End of story.


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