WOOL Registration: The Morning After… (two days later)

Ladies, you astound me. Despite (once again) battling a WordPress glitch and some of you having trouble with the form, you pounced like ravening beasts upon the goodness that is WOOL and have made short work of opening day registration. Staying up ‘til midnight is worth every minute of exhaustion as I ride the wave of adrenaline fueled rush that comes with watching Facebook and my inbox catch FIRE. By 12:15 a.m. I had fixed the form, not that you were slowed in the least as you jumped ahead to registering with Wiawaka and then coming back to register with me. Within the first 45 minutes I had 13 reservations, and by 10 a.m. the next morning Lake House sold out. In TEN hours! 

I think of registration is “WOOL bombing”, referring to the explosion of emails, Facebook posts, and chat messages that I get in those first 30 minutes. You ladies make me grin like an idiot, laugh out loud, and from time to time my jaw drops. I spent the witching hour giddy with excitement and loving every minute of it. Well, not the minutes that technology kicks my ass, but the rest of the time – absolutely!

Happy Lamb means happy!

Since I know you’re all DYING to know, and I’ve been asked several times over the weekend, here’s the list of guests signed up so far that I know of. I say that I know of because my form wasn’t working at first and I’m pretty sure Gretchen, Wiawaka’s registrar, has at least one person that I don’t know about. So, yes, the list… in order of first to register with me: 

Sairy, Elizabeth, Harriet, Jess, Sarah, Erin, Vickie, Diane, Avigayil, Risa, Tierney, Sharon, Jessica, Ann, Kim, Heidi, Tamar, Leann, and of course, myself. 

Huzzah! WOOL has begun, and we’ve only got ‘til August to wait. August never seemed so far away until I started doing this and if you’ve been to WOOL before you know exactly what I mean. In a good way though! If you’re interested in signing up, please do! Sign up info is located here. Lake House may even have a room left since there are four guests I know of who chose to stay in one of the other cottages and share rooms with friends. But either way, there are still rooms free in the resort, you just might have to room with a friend. In anticipation of that, why not bring a friend with you? My Aunt-in-Law is considering coming with her adult daughter, and I think that sounds awesome. If you’d like to help promote WOOL now that you’ve all had first crack at reservations, please consider printing and posting the flyer in your local yarn store or handing out at your next knit night. 

Thank you, all of you, for making the first steps to WOOL 2010 so much fun, I can’t wait to see you there! 

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