Rainy Day Relief Fund Update

Just a quick update folks to let you know that you have all completely outdone yourselves. I’ve been telling people that my “faith in man” meter just hit 11. I’ll do a formal wrap up later, but here’s the quick and dirty as things stand now:

  • Enough money has been raised so far to allow Michelle to place the order for a POD and purchase her train tickets.
  • They have a warm, safe place to stay for the few days between today and when they leave.
  • A group of us are getting together today to help her pack up her household.

Any further funds donated at this point will help Michelle and Little Man afford first and last month’s rent in their new state, and any other incidentals that pop up. You know how it goes, you suddenly have a bazillionty small (and not so small) things to buy and pay for, and the money goes fast. Over $3,000 has been raised so far, but unfortunately it won’t last long. I’m going to keep the donation button up until the day I put the two of them on the train, which is Thursday, February 3rd. That will be one full week of fundraising, and not a penny of it will be unappreciated.

Gosh! Fried cheesecake is HOT! :P

My favorite picture of 'Chelle being all overcome. Boiling hot fried cheesecake will do that to you.

Thank you so much for how generous you’ve been so far. Michelle’s heart and spirit are lighter, and her future brighter, because of you.

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