Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things That You Miss From Your Childhood

  1. Dancing all the time. I would come up with elaborate, choreographed dances and even entered the local lip-synch/dance contest a few  years. Got me some ribbons, too. 
  2. Summers. Summers were special. I had two months away from the other kids at school, two whole months to read and play outside. We rarely got to take a real vacation, but that was ok. I regret that Summer isn’t anything special anymore, just the months that are hottest. .
  3. Swimming. I used to love to swim at Lake Taconic. One year mom got us a season pass and we went all the time during the summer. Now I’m afraid of water I can’t see the bottom of and don’t enjoy being wet and cold when I get out.
  4. Making friends easily. For a while, until 4th grade when everything changed, I used to be able to charm people off the street. Literally. Just ask my mom.
  5. The Dukes of Hazard. God, I loved those boys and that stupid car jump stunt never got old.
  6. Not having to work for a living. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Being a grownup is pretty stressful.
  7. The local library. My little brother and I used to bring home stacks of books from the library that was literally around the corner. We had our own library cards and could go there together on our own.
  8. Being healthy. Aside from some food allergies, I was fit and brown as a nut.
  9. 1-2-3 JelloThis stuff was THE BOMB. If you never had it, you missed out on a true treasure.
  10. Ignorance. I miss not knowing some of the things I do know.


If it had come in Raspberry I'd invent a time machine just to have it again.

If it had come in Raspberry I’d invent a time machine just to have it again.

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