Contest By Osmosis

Or is that proximity? Whatever… I had an all day training session, I deserve some slack. :P

Go to Jess’s blog post regarding how fantabulous tax day is and leave a comment to win a prize. If you mention me I get a second shot, so go on, you know you want to. I’ve seen Jess’s stash. It’s EPIC and very chi-chi. Steve gets big brownie points for trying to get me a second vote all on his own, he actually commented before I did!

Guess what I cast on for?

Only had to rip out once so far. :P

Only had to rip out once so far. :P

This is what a fledgling Aeolian Shawl looks like I am loving it, and pleased beyond all belief to finally be working on it. Project details are over on Rav for now until I post about this properly.  Mom loves it too. At least now I can finally stop waffling on a pattern, she took one look at this latest offering and fell – in – love. Thank the gods and all that is dipped in dark chocolate.

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4 Responses to Contest By Osmosis

  • JessaLu says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Becky came for a visit too so you have three entries so far. ;op (I’m being nice and counting Steve’s since he gets points for commenting before you, in your best interest, even)

  • JessaLu says:

    p.s. you have a shawl dipped in dark chocolate? I srsly need to stop skimming…

  • Myownigloo says:

    Well, I went there and put in my comment, dropped your name, and THEN read the prizes. I neither knit socks nor spin, so if I win, you win, honey!

  • Harriet says:

    I love that shawl…and I love the idea of dying it black after the wedding vows.

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